Waterproofing360 Services

Below Grade Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

Below grade concrete foundations are typically requested to be waterproofed with a rubberized asphalt waterproofing solution, we took the liberty to find the best in its class and work with companies like the great MarFlex and GMX to bring you solutions like the Mar-flex5000, Marflex Quickseal, and GMX Ultrashield for residential and products like Marflex ArmorMembrane 363, ArmorSheet 600 / 601 and SBH Seal SB100 for commercial projects to assure our customers that the foundation is 100% waterproofed. We typicly combine the product with a Dimple Drain Board Exam, Delta Drain, to assure the water gets drained to the bottom of the footing and into the French drain pipes before it even gets a chance to reach the inner layer of waterproofing and of course the walls. In addition, we provide upon request, for customers that would like to get insulation as well, R3, R5, and R10 value Styrofoam boards either with or without the dimple drainage boards. Solutions for a combined product in order to get the insulation and drainage are available like the great Marflex Shockwave boards and the GMX ThermalDrain Boards for a cost effective solution.

Above Grade Concrete Foundation Waterproofing Solutions

For above grade concrete foundations that needs to be waterproofed, we find that customers typically like to reserve the color of the concrete as it will be seen by the owner and pass byers, in that case we offer the Mar-flex Fusion UV, with its powerful waterproofing components and ultraviolet radiation resistance, our customers can be sure that they are protected for a very long time to come.

Joints and edges between Concrete and facade barriers

One of the industries longest and most painful problems has been to seamless connect and continue waterproofing, air and vapor barrier solutions along a structure, we see that a lot in joints like concrete to a façade, we work with Marflex ArmorFlash Transition Strips to solve this headache, can easily be covered and continued with the foundation solution and air/vapor barrier before placing the siding.

Underslab, waterproofing, Air, and Vapor Barriers

For underslab waterproofing solutions we provide a product called ArmorClay Bentonite, it is a Bentonite clay and comes in the form of sheets, several options and variants available all depending on project specs and requirements, for Air and Vapor Barriers we carry a long line of different solutions including companies and millage options.

Concrete Injections

Injection is a procedure of pumping cement-based, polyurethane-based, epoxy-based or acrylate-based material into damaged or cracked structures to securely seal leaks, repair compromised structures and make them watertight again for the long term.

Injections Are a Good Choice Because They...
Help avoid expensive costs of structural repairs and reduce operational downtime. Can be used for all types of leak-sealing applications in concrete, masonry and natural stone structures. Are able to form a new permanent watertight seal. Can be used at any time, including during initial construction or later to extend the service life during any subsequent repair or renovation, depending on the project’s specific requirements. 

Showers & Mikvahs

We can provide recommendations and services for waterproofing for indoor showers, wet rooms, mikvahs and etc.