Stay Dry, Stay Safe.


Waterproofing360 is a NY based contractor specializing in the improvement of homes and buildings, through the waterproofing of concrete foundations, decks, patios, and slabs. We take pride in offering unique perspectives and techniques to the home improvement and building industry, combining advanced technology, an age-old commitment to customer service, and methods that continuously satisfy our many customers.

At waterproofing360, we offer complete services to our customers that begin at the initial exchange and follow to the project’s completion. Our highly trained sales and operational teams will guide you towards achieving your goals through organization, education, and execution. Our ultimate purpose is to bring your ideas to life while providing top-notch products to establish long-term protection against water-intrusion into your establishment.

We take great pride in our painstaking and diligent workmanship of our experienced employees. Our entire staff has been thoroughly trained in the careful and proper operation of equipment used for product installation, in order to attain the highest quality and standards that our customers pursue. Our purpose is to not only provide immediate satisfaction of a job well done, but to leave our customers with an assurance of long-term safety against water-intrusion.